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Hey hey !! Are you worried that your children are falling victim to all of the pressures of their peers and social media? Have you heard them say negative things about themselves or beat themselves constantly?

I get it, I am right there with you and that is exactly why this I created "Through My Heart and Eyes, a guided journal for kids." After that came this course because moms like you, asked for assistance in how to use the journal in their home. So here we are!

What will we be talking about?

  • Self worth and how to encourage more of it with you and your children.
  • The power of writing and using it to acknowledge and release emotions.
  • The power of listening and being present with your children. 
  • The concept of Stand Up, Speak Up, Speak Out - giving your children a safe space to speak up when they need to say something to you.
  • The power of you; you as a mom and the power of your child. 
  • Support from a community of parents wanting more connection.
  • Support from me as you dive into creating mindful connections with your children

What's included?

Digital copy "Through My Heart and Eyes" a guided journal for kids, with the option of grabbing physical copies. This journal is 65 pages packed full of guided activities for you and your child. It is high quality paper and spiral wound for durability. Originally, this journal was designed for the kids (which is written for them to do it by themselves), however, as I've worked with moms who have purchased for their kids, I realized there is so much value in having your own and doing the activities so that you may better assist them while they're exploring. You can choose how often you do it together, but this is jam packed full of guided exercises that will explore the power of words, gratitude, letter writing, documenting activities, finding joy and seeing beauty in themselves. The journal has three section. 1. Daily activities, 2. Special exercises geared around emotional release, 3. Blank pages

(7) videos, all under 10 minutes, keeping your busy life in mind. This is a go at your own pace course, so sneak it in at soccer practice, lunch breaks, or potty breaks! Also included with each video is simple homeplay to continue creating deeper connection with you and your kiddos.  

So...what are you waiting for! 

Please feel free to message me using the message button in the bottom right hand corner or email me at if you have any questions or need any additional information!

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1 Lessons

So you're interested in my upcoming all new Mama Connection Course that teaches you how to engage with your child using my guided journal for kids and help them build their self worth? I'm all about improving and providing THE BEST for you and appreciate your feedback! 

By answering these few questions, you will get a 50% off discount code when the Mama Connection Course goes live next week!!!

Quick overview of the upcoming course:

  • Digital copy of "Through My Heart and Eyes, a guided journal for kids" with the option of getting a physical version
  • Series of short videos that talk about the concepts in the book. These videos teach you how to engage with your child (and also do the work yourself) using the journal as a guide.
  • Assist you in creating a safe space for your child to express their emotions and build their self worth!
  • Engage on the same level with your kids so you have more present moments, less frustration and more love in your relationships.
  • A powerful community of other like-minded parents who feel the same way as you and want to inspire our children!
  • Access to me to answer any questions or provide feedback on how to mindfully assess parenting situations. 

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Meet Stefanie, grab your journal

1 Lessons

Lesson 1 - Power of Intention

1 Lessons

Lesson 2 - Power of Writing

1 Lessons

Lesson 3 - Power of Listening

1 Lessons

Week 3 is about the power of listening and being still. How often do you go through life and parenting in reaction mode? When was the last time you actually listened to your child when they were in a bad mood or throwing a tantrum (not talking about toddles, but it would work too)? When was the last time you listened to your inner knowing and trusted it? All amazing questions for you to ponder on as you listen in to week 3. 

Lesson 4 - Power of Gratitude

1 Lessons

Lesson 5 - Stand Up, Speak Up, Speak Out

1 Lessons

Lesson 6 - Power of You

1 Lessons

Lesson 7 - Let's Recap!

1 Lessons

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