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Welcome to Stefanie's corner of the internet!

Are your life experiences allowing for expansion or continued constriction?Is it possible to imagine your life in full acceptance and love of what is? Welcome to my corner of the internet where I know the power of acceptance and know that expansion comes from the simple moments of acceptance. 

I’m Stefanie, mother of three, and multi-passionate embodied practitioner. You're here because you're looking for more from your life. I too, have been a seeker and on a personal journey of self-discovery, acceptance and love.  

I believe we each are handed experiences in our lives that allow for our own personal growth and expansion. I also believe that all of our individual answers exist within ourselves; however, they may simply be covered by layers of conditioning, beliefs, and programming. It is my desire as an embodied practitioner that I practice what I preach and allow my body to guide myself and my work. I am here to support you in embracing and accepting the life experiences that mold and shape.

The search back home to myself

My self-discovery journey began in May of 2013, when a “coincidence” occurred in my life where my eyes were opened to new possibilities which gave me permission to dream again. Up until this point, I was doing all of the things that society tells us is “correct.” I checked the box of college graduate, high paid manager, wife, and mother. I thought I had “made” it! But I felt empty inside, I felt there was something missing and so the self-discovery began. For the next few years, I was constantly seeking to find answers for myself and also projecting judgments and superiority towards others. I became obsessed with my spirituality, it became an addiction. I read every book, attended many classes and retreats, purchased countless courses. Although I felt uplifted, I still felt empty inside. I was constantly living my life for everyone else and their expectations of me. I had lost myself completely.

My Great Shakeup

In 2019, I let go of my expectations of growth. I pushed a huge PAUSE button on my life and my entrepreneur journey and purposefully chose to live the “the checked box” lifestyle. I felt safe, secure, and ironically at peace.

Then 2020 hit, true divine chaos emerged personally and collectively and I entered into my cocoon phase. I chose to lean in to the energy of 2020 and focused on the most important people in my life, myself and my family. I physically separated myself from others and used the time to remember and embrace me, the real me. There were many moments of growth and expansion and there were also plenty of times of sadness, separation and heartache and plenty of emotions to go along with the experiences. I was literally changing from the inside, shedding layers of conditioning and expectations. I continued my journey into my self through the Gene Keys transmission and unlocked doors of my soul that I didn’t realize I had closed.

2021 was a year of dismantling. I intentionally leaned into surrender in April; letting go of all expectations and embracing each day with fresh new eyes. I continued to remain in my own energy and found a deep sense of security, love and acceptance within myself. I rebranded my multi-passionate business under my own name. But this was definitely NOT the fairy tale ending of my story.

My Soul Shift

2022 was the year that rocked me to my core and brought me to my knees; I lost my beautiful 37 year old sister unexpectedly and my world was shattered. One day she was with us and the next she went unconscious and remained in a coma for 5 weeks until she left her physical body. The amount of grief surrounding this loss was indescribable.

In picking up the pieces of my heart, I have realized that I had been possibly preparing for this experience for years. I didn't know it at the time of course and I would give everything to have her back here with us, but now it's time to move and grief forward. I have now realized my deep passion to support and honor others that know this deep level of love...and pain. Grief Acceptance Project became my new passion project and launching soon is Moving Grief Podcast!

My Soul's Purpose and Working with Me

I support my clients through 1:1 support and live group programs. Stay tuned for many changes.

Available Programs

Grief Acceptance Project

Ready for a journey of embodying grief so that you can live freely? 

Grief Acceptance Project is a LIVE 6 week group workshop where we will explore accepting and embodying grief so that you can live freely and embrace what is possible for yourself!

Grief is very individual; however, coming together in this safe container will remind you that you are not alone in your grief. Join others who are ready to embody and accept the grief in their lives to live more freely and fully.

First group kicks off Wednesday, March 22nd!

Aligned Branding & Marketing utilizing the Gene Keys

Are you a conscious/spiritual entrepreneur and get overwhelmed with traditional marketing strategies? Are you desiring to be more authentic in your messaging and allow your energies to attract the perfect client to you? This free mini-workshop is for you!  

In this training, you will walk away knowing 2 specific key parts of your design that you can shift immediately in your marketing to attract the right people waiting to work with you. It's time to let go of what you think you should be doing and embrace what you are designed to do.

Complimentary Gifts!

Ready to embrace, accept and love yourself?!

Check out our Complimentary Gifts which include all my free goodies that can assist you in connecting to your authentic self. You will find guided meditations, videos, guides, vision board fun, and so much more! Come explore with us, let's rediscover you! 

Free 30 Day Self-love Commitment

Reconnect the most important person in your life! 

You've been searching for something that you're not even sure is missing, right? You're doing the work, reading all of the books, but still you are craving more! Have you lost yourself? Are you ready to rediscover her again? Commit 30 days of self-discovery to remember who you are again!

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